Monday, January 9, 2012

Sephora Professional Heated Eyelash Curler

Sephora Collection Heated Eyelash Curler

pin straight, that about sums up my eyelashes.
If you envy those who have perfectly curled lashes then this tool should become a staple in your makeup bag! It takes lashes like ours & transforms them into long & curled eye whiskers!!
Its like a curling iron for your eyelashes! Its so quick & convient, its battery operated so you can take it anywhere. I came across this tool 3 years ago at my local Sephora & its become a holy grail tool for me! I
 like to curl my eyelashes a little first with a conventional eyelash curler & then use the heated one to soften the harsh lines from the curler and evenly curl all the lashes. 
You place the heated comb on your mascara free lashes (avoid waterline) and hold for 15-20 seconds then release. For best results apply mascara within 30 seconds of releasing the tool from your eye. 
On the Sephora website it says you should apply mascara first but I ran into nothing but problems doing that...mascara gets on the comb & it clogs, trying to clean the mascara off of the wand was a pain. I got so frustrated doing that, that I actually took it back to Sephora & exchanged it for a new one. 
It is a little tricky to use at first but once you find your own curling rhythym you will love it!! 
Happy Curling!!! 

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