Sunday, October 30, 2011

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

When I first pulled this out of my purse & started rubbing it on my lips, my co-workers gave me the weirdest stare. I have to admit, when I laid eyes on this at Target I had no clue what it was. Who would dare go against the traditional stick form of lip balm??!! The geniuses at eos (Evolution of Smooth), that's who!! When I first put this on my lips I began to hear angels sing! I am in love with this stuff! It is so moisturizing, smells amazing (I have the summer fruit flavor) & instantly heals my chapped lips. I love that it does not have the sting or burn that some balms give when you have really chapped lips. I also enjoy the taste! Whaaaaat?! Yes, the taste. Let's be honest, whatever goes ON your mouth, goes IN your mouth eventually. The eos lip balm spheres are also 95% organic (USDA Certified) & 100% natural. Available in 5 fruity & 1 minty flavor. eos products are available at ULTA, Target, CVS, Walgreens or you can also shop their online store.  

The Beginning....

I recently confessed that I may be a Beauty Product Hoarder & from there an idea was born!! A family member asked me to share some of my favorite products & that is what I'm here to do!! I will be bringing to my blog all things favorite of mine but my main focus will be beauty. I will be reviewing & sharing everything from drugstore to department store beauty, fragrance & cosmetics and other random things! I will also keep you informed on sales, because who doesn't love a sale? Did I also mention I have a moderate case of extreme beauty couponing? I will let you know when to have your scissors at the ready!! I'm so excited to share my love of amazing things with you all. Stay tuned!